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lonelywiitch asked:

I recently found your blog. What you're going through was worse that what I'm going through now. But I'm getting worse everyday. I just want it all to end. Can you please explain to me what made you want to recover? What made you take that big step?

The eye opener I had was when I almost died. I overdosed, not for suicidal purposes, I had an anxiety attack, but I knew if it killed me I wouldn’t care, and it should’ve killed me.
But I woke up in the hospital and within three days my kidneys were completely fine, it was a miracle as I took about 80 pills.
I don’t think you truly appreciate life until it’s almost gone, and you don’t appreciate your family or friends until you almost lost them
I knew that the way I was living was no way to live and that for the first time I actually wanted to be better

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