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gabbyx18 asked:

Hey im pretty much the same as you really im 5'7 and at the minute I weigh 104 pounds. Bit of a stupid question but how did you fast? Was it a water fast? Did you allow yourself ANY food? Just wondering as I wish to lose a little more thank you! LYB!


Even when I wasn’t I refused to tell people how to Steve themselves and I definitely won’t do it now

This account was pre recovery for me and unfortunately the unhealthy pics are still trending, and that’s why I dot use it anymore

if you want to see positive posts then you can follow my IG @jewel_recovers but other than that I have nothing more to say

feedingoffthemusic asked:

How did you end up learning sign language? I think that's one of the coolest languages out there and it's amazing how fluent you seem to be in it! Just curious :)

I actually just randomly wanted to learn it one day so I went to the ASL online dictionary and started teaching myself, I really liked it so I kept reaching myself, so it’s all self taught using the website haha :)

so-effing-fat asked:

Hi. I wanted to loose weight because I was actually unhealthy and obese. A few days back I started starving. Your blog actually saved me and convinced me to stop starving before I went too far. I am now on a healthy doctor approved diet. Thank you for saving me. You are very brave and I really admire you. Thanks again

Awe thank you so much gorgeous!!!! Really made my day an put me in a good mood. You can always follow my recovery blog on Instagram which I use everyday if you want to @how_tosave_a_life

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